What is a sleep consultant and how might they help you?

A lot of parents think that sleep deprivation is just part and parcel of being a parent and this may be true for the first few months while babies are learning to sync with the outside world and develop their own circadian rhythms, but anything passed around 4 months and you really don’t need to be struggling anymore!

Help is out there and there are plenty of techniques that you can implement to get your baby sleeping much better.

As we all know sleep is essential for a good quality of life. Just lose a couple of hours from your night and you can really feel the difference. So imagine what impact this can have on your life moving forward? People say its life changing and no one ever looks back!

So what do sleep consultants actually do?

We help with issues like Frequent night waking's, Bedtime battles, Early wake-ups, nap struggles and more.

We work with tried and tested techniques that are tailored to your child to make them work successfully.

The first part of the process in an in depth assessment looking at the temperament of your child, your parenting style, whilst ruling out any medical conditions and from all of this information along with an hour plus consultation, we can create a plan especially for you and your baby/child (I help children from 4 months to 6 years)

But that’s only part of the process…

The most important part in my opinion is the support when implementing the plan. As all babies are different “one size doesn’t fit all” and we can tweak the plan to make it fit you!

And secondly its all about the culpability. I always liken this to the motivational support you get at a diet club or with a fitness trainer. Knowing that someone is going to be checking in with you and that you have made the investment gives you the motivation to continue when things get hard (especially in the middle of the night)

So if this sounds like something you need then why not visit my website and find out more about my free events, or book in a free call and have a chat.

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